The benefits of carpet cleaning

The benefits of carpet cleaning

If you have an average level of traffic in your home, then vacuuming every other day is necessary; more, if you have increased traffic. With spills and pet messes, treat the spot immediately with a manufacturer’s recommended compound. When should you bring in a professional? Every twelve to eighteen months is a preferred time slot.

What does a professional cleaning do?

Deep cleaning removes the ground-in dirt and debris and draws allergens and anything that can create foul odors or stains. Like vacuuming, if there is excessive traffic or a need for deep cleaning, professional cleaning may be needed more often. You see, as time passes, dirt and debris get pressed into the carpet fibers. The regular vacuuming that you do removes a lot of it. But there are still some debris and dirt left over. Professional carpet cleaners have the machinery and modern equipment to loosen and remove those particles and bring your floors back to a beautiful state.

We are your source for cleaning oriental and decorative rugs using a proprietary non-toxic, detergent-free cleaning system that truly cleans your carpet. Our high-temperature injection/extraction process removes dirt and old detergent residue from your carpet with a short drying period. Your rooms and furniture are back fast. We use a 3M Scotchgard to protect your investment from future spills and stains (optionally).

With us, you’ll never have to wonder about things like dampness or the wrong cleaning agents. Our cleaners will come in quickly and efficiently and clean your carpets with a deep steam cleaning. We'll give you instructions on caring for your carpet, when to walk on it, and when to replace the furniture.

At Rick’s Park N Save, we can clean your carpets right the first time. We serve the areas of Chillicothe, Circleville, Waverly, Jackson, and Washington Court House, OH. Please stop by our showroom in Chillicothe and look at what we have to offer to clean your carpets. We also do carpet repair. We are bonded and insured for residential floor cleaning. We give you one quote with no hidden charges, and same-day service is available.