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Choosing carpet for your floors

One of the nicest things about carpet is how soft and plush it feels under foot. This soft surface flooring does far more than add comfort to your day, however. It’s also packed with benefits you’ll love from day one. It’s perfect for little ones to play on; easy to decorate with and even adds safety to your home. Thanks to technological advancements over the years, you’ll find even more benefits waiting for you in this flooring.

Rick’s Park N Save has a long history of dedication to customer needs and satisfaction. Now in our third generation of family ownership, we gave the same dedication, with more products and services than ever before. What’s more, our Chillicothe, OH showroom serves the second and third generations of our first customers. We serve the areas of Chillicothe, Circleville, Waverly, Jackson, and Washington Courthouse, and we look forward to your visit as well. Our friendly, professional staff will be standing by to assist you in all your flooring needs.

Carpet’s many benefits for you

Beginning with the softness of your carpet, there are many benefits to be found. In addition to second-to-none comfort, you’ll also enjoy a quieter atmosphere. This material works well to absorb sound and noises you might have gotten use to over the years. Clicking shoe heels, pet nails and loud family voices will all soften away, and it works great between floors as well. This can mean a lot for those with children who have upstairs rooms.

Carpet flooring also adds an extra layer of insulation inside your home, as done the padding installed underneath. They work together to retain much of the heat created during the colder months, which means your furnace will run less and for shorter periods of time. In the end, you actually have a flooring that saves you money.

In addition to these great benefits, this floor covering is a much safer experience for both elderly and very young. Falls often happen in these two groups, but this material can keep many of those falls from happening thanks to a more stable surface space. Should falls happen anyway, you have less worry about serious injury happening.

Some of the other benefits you’ll find in this material include hypoallergenic fibers as well as fibers that have stain protection built into the very fibers themselves. Both can help make your home a cleaner, healthier environment.

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